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Aesthetic prototype, ID interim show 2005
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Functional prototype, ID interim show 2005
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Birth Clock.

Electronic Ambiguity.

The "Birth Clock" is a fragile glass object containing a digital clock that is not working; it is designed to help you to come to a decision when you're stuck at a specific point in life. Smash the glass, and the clock will start to work, leaving you with the broken object as a reminder of your dramatic decision. Leave the object as it is, and you remain out of time, having the beautiful object as a reminder of your resistance to change. What would you do?

What's "Right", what's "Wrong" in Technology?

What's the measure for technology to be working "right"? In a conventional sense, that would be purely functional performance.
The "Birth Clock" exemplifies how technology can create richer experiences by not working quite "right": a clock does not work, suddenly it has an expressive potential that amplifies the ambiguity of its owner, that acts as an emotional catalyst to help its owner to get out of that state.
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