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Billboards, ID MA show 2005
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Poster 1

Mac OS X Designerhome

Poster 2

Lost Tiger

Poster 3

US of AdobeMacromedia


Software Billboards

The "Tigerstories" are software fiction and software politics; they give a brief introduction to my way of thinking in the area of software- and interfacedesign.

Poster2: " Lost Tiger! Bought X 10.4, but its Tiger ran off!
Have you seen it? Please call me: I miss it – alot."

What can we expect when there comes an operating system from Apple called 'Tiger'? Where can Apple Users actually feel that tiger? At the moment they can only feel it in the hardware – if they buy a new laptop, they can run everything a bit faster. Apple Software hasn't really changed that much over the last decade, so the user doesn't profit at all from that very nice tiger metaphor.

Poster1: "The Mac OS X Designerhome.
Somewhere in suburbia, there was a little computerhome.
It was a very nice village, mostly designers were living there, but a bit middleclass and boring. Mac Os X, where is your Tiger?"

The poster shows an illustration of the Mac OS X User Home icon. That's the top level representation Apple gives to every user. That's where they portrait us where we live in on our computer. I looked at that and thought: thats quite a suburbian aesthetic. No Apple User in real life would want to move into such a home! Again, this poster calls for the Tiger to come forward and make life more exciting and less suburbian for Apple Users, softwarewise.

Poster3: "The US of AdobeMacromedia.
Please, Adobe, let US play!"

How desirable is it to have all design software coming out of only one company? Big and buggy applications, promoting one and only one design attitude will inevitably be the effect. The poster is a reaction to Adobe's recent acquisition of Macromedia, pleading for smaller, customizable, individual tools.

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