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Talk Back Illustration

You're being watched from inside the machine...

Talk Back.

Whom do you shout at when you shout at your screen?

An application crashes. Sometimes, a little dialogue pops up, asking you whether you would like to report a bug to the developer. Most of the times, though, you don't get anything. All that is left for you to do is hit the mouse, kick the tower, shout at the screen.

Whom do you shout at when you shout at your screen? Here's where the "Talk Back" story starts. "Talk Back" is a software that makes sure everything you shout at your screen is being heard by the people behind it - the people behind that software that is causing you so much trouble. "Talk Back" is run by a little daemon that has a precious: an adressbook full of the people you would like to have a word with, and it it is using it eagerly...

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