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ID MA show 2005
on screen (right): » "Talk Back"
on screen (left): » "Data Neurotic"
on the wall: » "Tigerstories"

MA Show Pieces.


My work is about about software and interface design. I look at the status quo and ask: what kind of difference would a user wish for? I do not write any software, but develop engaging pieces of communication around software. These pieces of communciation then typically suggest applications or develop redesign briefs for applications.


"Talk Back" deals with the mad stuation that we have a global product – software – but when something goes wrong between us and that product, we have literally no feedback mechanism at all back to the authors of that software. What kind of feedback mechanism would be appropriate, what kind of feedback mechanism does a user wish for? "Talk Back" develops an engaging story around feel and functionality of such a feedback mechanism. » more

"Data Neurotic" looks at the supposedly little neurotical habits we have developed in processing, storing, deleting our data. how could software – our interface to that data – manage the disproportion between limited human capacities and unlimited storage space, how could it help users to become a bit more sane again? "Data Neurotic" rebrands the operating system's trashcan, develops a redesign brief for archiving software, redefines the operating system's progress bar as an active application. » more

"Tigerstories" are software fiction and software politics; they give a brief introduction to my way of thinking in that area. » more

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