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ID Interim Show

ID interim show 2004


ID interim show 2004

Rhythm Machine.

Story Box

Could the use of sound raise our awareness of everyday things? The things which surround us come to us in a ready-to-use, manufactured state; we don't care where they come from or how they've been processed.

Imagine things being capable of telling their own stories – history, memory, biography; imagine plugging into the things at your workspace (let's say your desk, chair, computer for a start) – what were your expectations, and what are the actual sounds and stories of these objects like?

To prototype my idea, I manufactured a little wooden box to tell its stories. Two different soundsets for this object were created, the first one providing the player/listener with a rhythmic 'view from the inside' of the material (rhythms of sounds happening between the tree being planted and the wooden product being manufactured); the second one providing a narrative 'view from the outside' towards wood (different people telling their very own stories about wood).

Technically, the 10x10cm box is equipped with a speaker inside and an LDR on each side; by taking and turning it you will trigger and mix the sounds and stories. (input: LDR -> BASIC Stamp Chip -> serial communication -> Macromedia Director -> output: speaker)

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