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A virtual 3D Scene...


... is being lit up by a physical lamp.


Project performance. » next image, please

Concept Sketch

2d/3d digital imaging: treating Photoshop layers as relations in space

Concept Sketch

2d/3d vector graphics: designing flatness and volume through position- and directionvector of light

Lights, please!

Physical Interface

"Lights, please!" uses a physical lamp as an interface to a virtual 3d world. By moving, turning, pointing with the lamp, the user directs a light in the projected world. The contents of this world are responsive to the light passing through it. Digital plants, when pointed at, start to grow; digital moths, attracted by the light, will eventually get burned by it.

2D/3D Design Software

"Lights, please" started out as an interest in the relationship between 2d and 3d elements in design software. Currently, design practice is widely dominated by flash aesthetics – flat (and simply boring) 2d vector graphics, promoted by tools like Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Flash.
Digital imaging also suffers from technologically facilitated flatness: a digital snapshot camera is designed to let you focus and click while it calculates flash, shutter speed, aperture value automatically. Primary design decisions you are trained to make are: what is the subject of your picture; what is the framing of your picture? Not only will the resulting images lack a sense of depth for technological reasons. Also, the resulting design attitude will lack a sense of how to relate a subject to the physical space it sits in.

How would design practice change: if Adobe Photoshop was not only a digital darkroom but would employ the vocabulary and functionality of photographic image-creation; if Adobe Illustrator was not only a flat sheet of paper but would promote vector graphics as elements in digital-imaging space?
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