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Taxi Adverts

All these adverts...: how about some interference?

Taxi Seats

Joan's autograph on the seats: better than on paper?

Occupations and Technologies

What could a taxidriver do with a drawing tablet? Searching for niche markets for outdated technologies

Having prepared a handfull of design proposals for future uses of drawingtablets by taxidrivers, we went out for a ride and some interviews. Soon we were under the impression that all these London Cabbies do have nothing in common, except:
– the fact that every single one of them had had a lot of celebrities on board, and every single one of them obviously enjoyed this. One of the drivers gave us a guided tour through his precious autograph book (which, unfortunately, was already falling into pieces), his favorite celebrity in there being Joan Collins; another one told us he kept promising his daughter to bring home some autographs but he hadn't managed to keep his promise so far
– the fact that taxidrivers in London are not allowed to decorate their cabs with any personal belongings whatsoever – photographs of your children next to the driver's seat? No way, if you're a London Cabbie.

»  Icon Quicktime  watch project interview (autograph book, 4.3MB)

Design proposals

Drawing its inspiration from both of these facts, our first design proposal was to make the cab itself an autograph book:
Use the drawing tablet to collect the celebrities' autographs; use the seat textiles to create a design pattern of autographs already collected in this cab.
The second design proposal took into account that companies may rent out their car's sides to advertising companies:
Use this area as a meeting point between the adverts currently on display outside of the car and the messages currently being scribbled inside of the car; use the drawing tablet to communicate your mood whilst on the road.

(with Milan and Richard.)
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