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Life Saver

Your horoscope: "tomorrow is your lucky day"

User Test

Your horoscope: take it or leave it?

User Test

The prototype

User Test

The prototype

Horoscope Vending Machine.

Little Lifesavers and Wishing Wells

Although we don't believe in horoscopes, we do accept their offer of distraction from everyday life. We like their air of joking, gossiping and "maybe"s, their quality to be a trigger to the mind, their good entertainment value.

Throwing coins in public ponds and fountains is a well-known custom (wishing wells) – what if some of these public ponds and fountains would actually sell you something in return for your money?

If the news is bad you don't take it, if it's good you do

You throw a coin in your horoscope vending machine (public pond or fountain). A little iceboat is released from its ground; it carries a lifebelt which has been inscribed with your horoscope. You watch the boat make its way to the surface, you read the horoscope. If it is to your liking, you take it along with you, use it as a toy, a talisman, a piece of jewelry maybe. If it isn't, you leave it on its boat. The boat dissolves, the horoscope drops to the ground and will be forgotten.

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(with Bas and Louise.)
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