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Delete Illustration

1. Love Delete. » next image, please

Probe Sticker

2. Copy Protect.

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3. Downtime. » next image, please

Data Neurotic.

"Would you delete this if I paid you for it? Say, 1£ a megabyte?"

After a day of trying to convince people to get rid of some data, we had to call it quits. Nobody would do it.

That's where "Data Neurotic" started. "Data Neurotic" is a research project looking into people's problems in dealing with data. It wonders which role software - our interface to our data - plays in this context. How do I save files to my harddisk, and how do I get rid of them? How is my trashcan branded? How much empty space is archived on my CD's, and how much data is stored on them twice?

Our status quo is data neurosis. Software could take better care of us.

Chapter 1: "Love Delete".
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Chapter 2: "Copy Protect".
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Chapter 3: "Down Time".
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