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Bus Scenario

Who are you when you are on the bus?


A Caged Animal?


A Headphone Kid?


A Shopping Junkie?

Seeing Red.

Bus Screens.

London Transport Buses now come with screens installed inside of them. Via them, a dull mix of news, adverts and CCTV is being broadcast. Although the content is of literally no interest at all, the moving image on screen forces the passengers to watch. In brief, screens on a bus do not improve public transport services, they make them worse.

Service? Improvement!

"Seeing Red" gives customers of London Transport the opportunity to partially overwrite the dull display and to articulate whether they would actually like to watch something when on the bus and if yes, what. All they will need is their Oystercard (personalized electronic travelcard), internet access, a few spare minutes.

Pt1 - Configure

1) login to your oyster account via the oyster website
2) select your user personality: "When I’m on the bus, I am ..."
- "... on my way to work, working already"
- "... sorry there are no headphones for the nose, buses stink"
- "... having a great time, have been shopping all day"
- "... on the phone, that’s the only time I have for friends"
- "... wishing I could drive the bus myself", etc.
3) be presented with your avatar. It is an illustration of your user personality and will travel alongside you on your oystercard.
4) browse the current bus broadcast program
5) feed your avatar with one program content you would actually like to watch when on the bus. If you won't have any of it, you can either suggest another content or vote to abandon the screens on a bus project for good.

Pt2 - Commute

- get on the bus using your oystercard
- watch your avatar appear on screen. It will meet up with the other passengers' avatars, rendering the current bus broadcast invisible everywhere it goes.
- watch your avatar get off at the next stop.
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